Saturday, September 20, 2008

Real 'Green'.

In the rush to get on the 'green' bandwagon, many are unclear regarding what effort pays the greatest dividend. The biggest concern to the planet is the use of coal fired generation plants as I understand it. This means any effort to reduce the amount of energy we derive from coal fired plants goes directly to reducing green house gasses. The most common explanation of this idea is that buying a used car is better for the environment than buying a Prius. Meaning that the amount of energy used to make the new parts and assembly of the Prius is more than the amount of energy wasted in the higher gas mileage of a used car. In building this means reusing building materials is very important. Also important is reducing the amount of electricity a building uses. Super insulating reduces oil dependency and therefore the emissions from burning oil and the dependency on foreign oil countries whimsy. But, reducing the amount of electricity used through low energy lights and appliances and using solar panels and wind generation is critical.

Let's keep our eye on the target and focus on reducing coal fired plants and oil usage. 

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