Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Neighborhoods and Shopping

In my recent Maine Sunday Telegram 'Insight' section article (9/21/08) I talked about towns locating schools, libraries, post offices, ball fields, parks, etc. in neighborhoods based on a 10 minute walk. We all mourn the loss of Main Street and it's shops but our lives are more than just shopping and we can create neighborhoods with the non-shopping municipal buildings we use. If each neighborhood has a post office stall, gym, elementary school, library, ball fields, park- all in buildings shared by all and organized around the green space then people can walk the non-shopping part of their lives. We may have to drive to work or to a large grocery store or other large store for some items but much of our time is spent with our children and neighbors.

It's important for us to let go of, 'Wal-mart killed Main Street', and take a second look at the amazing places we can create to live in using items that are in our control. Most everyone I know wants to live in a cozy walkable neighborhood with municipal facilities.

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