Monday, April 1, 2013

Creating a Peaceful Home

When I design a client's home new or renovation, I always work on clearing away the impediments to their relaxation. Eliminating barriers to peace and enjoyment are part of my work in this modern world of swirling information. I'm a minimalist in that I like to create spaces in which owners can naturally enjoy nature and light and materials without clutter. Everyday chores are exciting opportunities for the architect to celebrate living. The photo above is of a kitchen in a new home I designed in a neighborhood of small houses. By constructing a balanced, peaceful composition of utilitarian objects like counters and cabinets, fireplaces, floors and roofs and rooms, a calm atmosphere can occur.

I always strive for a dialogue with nature so that the act of living involves at least visual contact with the world outside. Materials can play a part by allowing feet and hands to touch natural objects and surfaces.

Knowing how to edit what is seen outside and what is not is a very important part of place creating and a peaceful home. This is why an architect can help you radically improve your sense of peace with careful cutting and pasting of walls and windows to bring out the best in your property.

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