Thursday, November 11, 2010

Box Modern

There is a great gallery show of modern architecture (highlight's are Scogin/ Elam's constructivist and Shim/Sutcliffe's craftsmanship and Forbe's 80's shaker modern work) built in Maine with lots of models downtown (Storefront for Architecture Maine 443 Congress St. through 13th Nov.) which most of you know but just wanted to show appreciation to Carol Wilson for putting it together. When I came back from London in the mid 90's Carol and I were pretty much the only architects in Maine doing modern architecture and now this American version of 50's through 70's style has come back mostly in a plain box form. Maine like any rural conservative place has not fully embraced mid century modern but there are nice practical yankee-like aspects to this style that do fit well with us. Here is a fire station I did in the late 90's while working for Harriman Associates fresh from London and I had the then late 90's style of box modern in mind in this appropriate location on the runway at Bangor International Airport. Note the Corbusian strip window, roof deck enclosed by walls, minimalism, etc.:

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