Friday, December 4, 2009

Leon Krier lecture at Brown.

Great talk last night at Brown by the man who spawned new urbanism, or traditional town planning world wide, Leon Krier. He has been promoting human scaled common sense planning for over 30 years. His diagrams are always a model of clarity and purpose, helping us see the path to environments we can live comfortably in. The irony is his common sense, practical, planning suggestions are thousands of years old in the making and so self-evident; and yet, now we are calling traditional town planning 'sustainable' and this is what grabs the nation's attention.

It's time to stop classifying our lives into pieces just as we broke up use into different zones and just look at life as a journey of minds and bodies through space and time, with endings and beginnings constantly flowing. We don't need to use the name, 'sustainable'. We can just use the word, 'LIFE'.