Monday, August 24, 2009

Close Encounters of the Real Kind

Whenever we walk through space, we encounter objects and degrees of enclosure which we then negotiate both physically and mentally. When my kids are playing video games they are negotiating space (sports space) as discorporate players in simulated 3 dimensions on a 2 dimensional screen.

When municipalities focus on property tax revenues instead of form when buildings are proposed, we get a 2 dimensional result: money. Instead, with a form based code coupled with an experiential goal, we get real 3 dimensional results which all can appreciate. Real experience can be replicated by returning to the town square or covered walk. Real spatial delight can be discussed with each generation and new events can be negotiated whilst traversing a real spatial experience.

Lack of community spatial design in public space leads to retreating to the couch and the monitor where we can find more delight than outside. When we have no playing fields we shall all play simulation games.

So, it's up to us: Are we REAL players? Or just Pretenders.

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