Saturday, February 14, 2009


We are creatures of habit. When we get too used to using our cars to get everywhere we forget how easy it is to walk. I can walk to work- it's about 12 minutes if no ice. Often I'll take the car just to give myself options if I need to run errands- say the supermarket. The other day I walked to work and then back to do some dad stuff and then walked back to work and later home. I realized how I had an impulse to want the car and as I walked home the second time that day it hit me how ridiculous I had become. Walking was quick and healthy. I used to walk at a very brisk pace home from my part time job in Quincy Market years ago to the far end of Boylston St. in Boston and did that almost every day.

We forget so easily the utterly human nature of walking when we spend SO much time driving. Unless we place ourselves in a potential walking situation we will continue to leave this aspect of a normal human existence out of our lives and miss the normality it brings to our bodies and minds.

We are meant to walk a lot.

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