Friday, January 2, 2009

Solutions Were Here All Along

It's always amazing when we are presented with a crisis (such as global warming) and we begin to look at ways we can cut down (on our use of heating oil) in one area in order to make a tiny difference and suddenly we find out we never needed that oil in the first place!

That's right folks; you don't need a furnace. By super-insulating your home and using a ground circulating air to air heat exchanger we can keep our buildings at a constant temperature using the heat generated by lights, etc. in the building. This passive (not using manufactured energy) system is ours to take advantage of.

I was fortunate enough years ago, to have worked for one of the country's leading passive energy sustainable focused architects in the country and Maine's leading expert, Bill Sepe of Rockport, Maine. He has been super-insulating and using solarium's and circulating the heated air and other passive techniques in ALL of his buildings since the 70's. Now that we have confirmed we have a global warming crisis, it's time to turn to experts like Bill to help us move forward.

Turns out the answers and experts were here all along.  

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