Thursday, January 15, 2009

Many Town Square Jewels Here

I was substitute coaching yesterday, on the bus headed west from Portland, chatting away with the other coach, both of us marveling at the view of the low mountains to our right when we went through a town center briefly. I was on the right side of the bus facing the other coach sitting on the left side . I was busy talking and focused on the subject, sensing a few buildings close together, so, a main street and suddenly- Woh!

I just saw a snow covered town square! I exclaimed my excitement and then asked the driver where we were as I had not paid attention and he said, "Cornish". Cornish?

That's right, I don't know as I've driven 25 west so not sure I've been by that square before. It's always a joy to see there are places still proudly displaying their heritage of attention to the human citizen moving on foot through the cozy space of the community.

There are many places like this in Maine and we can all learn from these living examples to move forward in our attempts to take back the way of life we know is within our grasps.

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bobswin said...

I pass through on my way from ME to VT - excellent restaurant - Krista's and many really nice examples of everyday Greek Revival