Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Location, location.

Now that the price of oil has finally changed the way we perceive distance, urban planning in Maine may get the attention it deserves. We place sports fields and town amenities according to how much time the largest number of users take to get there by car. Now, perhaps we can locate these services per how long a walk they are for the most users. This will lead to compact neighborhoods and greater sustainability for our beloved state. Let's embrace the challenge!


Peter said...

Awesome! I couldn't agree with you more! The wealth of this country along with the previously low gas prices are at the root cause of the isolation and physical deterioration of it's citizens. People drive 1/2 block and don't carpool because it's 'inconvenient'. What people are slowly beginning to realize is that the increased search for comfort and total independence has backfired. You don't even know your neighbors any more- you just see a car or SUV coming down the street, a garage door open, the vehicle go in, and the door close. Perhaps houses will now be designed which look like more than just a garage and a front door.

Byron said...

Agree with the concept of snuggling the hoods. How can we stop the push to the deep woods? Is piece of mind measured in silence from neighbors in today's green times? And here's your challenge Michael: how can we make it cool and appealing to live in the city again, with essentials in walking distance? Portland yes. Bangor? Old Orchard Beach? What excitement can you bring to the new pad or pod or place we call home? Look forward to you keeping us in-tune with the possibility.